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LDS Mission Recommendations

These are some of the more common purchases. However, there are LOTS more choices available. Please do not hesitate to reach out for help choosing a bike and the right accessories for your mission. Going to be wearing a skirt or dress while riding? We recommend a lady’s/women’s/step-through (ST), stagger style frame. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at our Hurst location, 1-817-268-6572. Ask for Ben or Scott.

Hybrid Bikes

In general, the hybrid bicycles seem to be a good fit for many missionaries.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bicycles are also very popular, especially for missionaries who are likely to be riding mountain bike trails after their mission work.

Checking Out

Check List



Water Bottle Cage

Water Bottle




When you check out, please enter in the comments area that the purchase is to be delivered to the LDS Mission. If possible please include the transition date, or month. We’ll assemble the bike, and install accessories, then deliver everything to the mission on the transition date.

Please choose “In-Store Pickup – Hurst” location. If you have any questions, please call Ben or Scott at our Hurst location, 1-817-268-6572.

When you finish your mission, and want to ship your bike back home, please complete this form.