Hurst Bicycles Inc Shop Rides

General Information

Looking for some cycling company? Join us on our shop rides.  It's a great way to share the love of cycling with others.

If you are new to group cycling, please make sure you arrive early enough to talk with other cyclists and ride leaders to make sure you pick the right ride for you.  There are several levels of riders, and we want you to have a good and safe time.  Some of the rides are "no-drop" meaning there are ride leaders and sweepers to make sure everyone gets back to the shop ok. However, several of our rides are "drop" rides without leaders and sweepers, so you'll need to be self-sufficient if you are dropped.

The shop rides will not start when there's lightning or other bad weather in, or expected in the area.

Happy Cycling!

Shop Rides

6:00PM Mondays from Bicycles Inc Hurst. We have several rides to choose from. Please make sure you arrive early enough to determine which group to ride with. New Beginners Ride: This ride is all about new riders and those that are learning and want more information on how to ride. The riders can bring whatever bike they have and one of our ride leaders will stay right beside them and shelter and mentor them on the basics of riding on the road. Alternative / Fun Ride Will leave next and will be a avg pace of 13 mph and will avg 14 to 15 miles. This will be a No Drop ride and weave through the Neighbor hoods of Bedford and Hurst. Fast Intermediate Ride: This will leave first , This will be a ride that averages 15 mph and will be lead by our Ride leaders and will be a No Drop ride. The ride will be avg of 14 to 16 miles.

6:00PM Tuesdays from Bicycles Inc Hurst. Team Bicycles, Inc. Training Ride 25-30 miles at a fast pace, hills, no regroupings, many options for cutting the ride short for people off the pace. Lights Encouraged.

6:00PM Wednesdays from Bicycles Inc Hurst. Multiple groups based on rider ability. Please arrive early enough to determine the group you should ride with. If you are not sure which group would be best, please ask the ride leaders and others for assitance. A) Fast Ride: This ride will definitely be a fast paced ride that will avg 18 to 20 Mph and will be a drop ride. If the riders can't hold the pace they can drop to the Intermediate ride which follows the same course. B) Fast Ride : This ride will follow the same course as the Fast ride but will leave approx 10 to 15 minutes behind the A It will be moving at 15 mph average and could speed up a bit more on Hwy 360 service road. This will be a No Drop Ride. C) Intermediate Ride: This ride will be following the B Ride by 10 minutes and will be avg 13 mph and will follow behind on the same course and make sure all riders get in safely. Depending on who shows up this will be a more friendly and fun paced ride. ***Programming Note *** May 16, 2018 There will not be any ride leaders or sweepers as usual. You're welcome to ride from the shop, but many of the regular riders will be participating in the Ride of Silence: Come join us for the 9th consecutive edition of the Ft. Worth Ride of Silence event. The ride will meet up in Trinity Park at the large gazebo on Trinity Park Dr. (east of Crestline). 

6:30 - Registration begins
7:00 - Remembrances and pre-ride announcements
7:15 (approx.) – Ride departs from Trinity Park 

The ride will follow a 10-mile route through downtown FW, the Near Southside and Zoo area at a leisurely, but steady, pace.
Helmets and lights are strongly encouraged.  Don't forget to wear your Megan Baab Memorial Jerseys!

6:00PM Thursdays from Bicycles Inc Hurst. Team Bicycles, Inc. Training Ride 25-30 miles at a fast pace, hills, no regroupings, many options for cutting the ride short for people off the pace. Lights encouraged.

Other Cycling Events

Please visit our Google Calendar for one time and annual events(pay rides, charity rides, triathlons, biathlons, bicycle fests).