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Custom Bike Fitting Service

Have you experienced knee pain, knots in your shoulders, sore ankles or wrists, hip pain or other discomforts that limit your riding time or distance? These are signs that you need your bicycle custom fit to your body and riding style.

Fit = Fun

Fitting a bicycle is a lot like suit or a pair of shoes; what works for one body doesn't always for the next. We strive to fit our bicycles not only in frame size and bike style, but also taking into account the riders flexibility and range of motion, bringing about the most balanced and comfortable position.


Stock bicycles come with average length stems and average width handlebars that are meant to fit the average cyclist. By assessing your needs we can determine a position on the bike that fits your riding style by adjusting seat height, seat level and fore/aft position, bar height and width, etc. In all of our fitting services we guarantee to help you feel more comfortable and efficient so you can get the most out of your cycling.

Who, What, When, and Where?

After determining what type of fit service you need, a body fit and/or a cycling-shoe cleat fit; make an appointment for that fit. On the day of your fit appointment, bring your bicycle, cycling shoes and the shorts you normally cycle in.

Your bicycle is placed on a stationary bike stand. This gives the best position from which to determine your proper fit. We use the best fit tools available-including the "Fit Kit", Serrota Size Cycle and of course the widest possible selection of stems, saddles and handlebars to match virtually all variations.

Below are the various types of bike fit services we offer, please call for more information, prices and times available for appointments. Ask a qualified Fit Technician at any of our stores; Hurst (817-268-6572) , Fort Worth (817-292-2911) , Keller (817-379-2453) or our Arlington store(817-572-2453) .

Body Fit

In body fitting we adjust/recommend the specific parameters of your bicycle (i.e. seat height, angle and fore/aft position, handle bar width and drop, stem length and stem rise) to match your riding style and needs. Also taken into account are flexibility, range of motion and the your level of fitness. This in conjunction with the most current knowledge of fitting will put you in the best possible position. This service is guaranteed to make you more efficient and comfortable on your bicycle! Available for tandems and their riders too.

Serrota Size Cycle - For the ultimate fit!

This is ideal for the new bicycle frame buyer or the person who wants to know their ideal/exact bicycle size. Using the Serrota Size Cycle, which is an infinitely adjustable stationary bike, we determine the frame geometry-this allows us to find the perfect bike for you to buy or have custom built. On the first appointment we determine the correct frame size and your position on it, recording all data. On the second visit we will do a final body fit with you on your new bike.